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You guys! I’ve been holding this secret back since October 2015 and FINALLY I get to tell you! The whole story is in the video, what a wild ride. Thank you for all of your kind words and support, and I hope you guys love the book as much as I think you will ❤️. #CMSbook


The book goes on sale March 7, 2017. Published by Penguin Random House/Avery.

Here’s why you’ll want a copy of Clean My Space: it teaches you my new, easier way to clean and will get you better results in less time!

It’s packed full of routines, tips and information that will help you live in a cleaner, more beautiful space and has information that I haven’t shared anywhere else!

Top-To-Bottom, Room-by-Room Cleaning Routines

Chapters three through eleven cover off how to clean each room or space in a home. To make it simple, I walk you through a thorough cleaning broken down into separate tasks. Each task outlined provides you with a time estimate, a step-by-step explanation of the most efficient and effective way to complete that task and the appropriate products and tools to use.

Everything You Need to Know About Laundry

I’ve got you covered! Chapter twelve is entirely dedicated to all things laundry: how to sort and schedule laundry, how to choose the right detergent and products, an explanation of the various washing machine and dryer settings and how you can use them to your benefit, stain removal information, how to care for different types of garments, folding techniques, ironing and steaming help and more!

Express Cleaning Routines

While I encourage a quality cleaning over a quick one, sometimes you just need that quick fix, and hey, I get it! Each room covered off in the book contains and Express Clean Routine at the beginning of the chapter providing you with a step-by-step method for giving any space a quick once-over. This will not only make your space look gorgeous, but make you feel great, too.

DIY Product Recipes, Pantry Items and Product Recommendations

Sometimes, we stand in the cleaning aisle with hundreds of products and tools staring back at us but have no idea what we’re really looking at (and we’re too afraid to ask!). Fear not, chapter two contains your ultimate guide to stocking a simple and effective cleaning kit. I have gone through each type of cleaning product that you may need at home as well as some specialty ones and explain exactly what they are for and whether or not you’ll need it for your space. Plus, I share how pantry items can turn into cleaning heroes and of course, some of my favorite DIY cleaning recipes (and yes, I talk about essential oils, too!).

Re-Engineered Cleaning Techniques Designed to Cut Your Cleaning Time

I also share my entire repertoire of time-saving cleaning moves with you! I give you a detailed explanation of the most effective way to clean, refined by my years of study and practice. You’ll never wipe, mop, scrub, vacuum or dust the same way again. These effective techniques are designed to cut your cleaning time and get you better results in less time.

Gold Stars, Pro Tips, Hacks, True Stories, and More!

Along the way I’ll share some fun extras with you, whether they’re personal stories about me growing up (I was a real grade A slob), foibles of me running my cleaning company in the early days, as well as fantastic tips and tricks that you can add to your cleaning to bolster your efforts.

My Personal Cleaning Routines and Schedules and a Tool to Create Your Own!

You’re never going to clean the same way again after reading this book. You’ll live in a clean, serene and beautiful space and you’re going to be so proud of yourself!


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PS. Books take a LONG time to write!

Carpet Cleaning in Cars and Recreational Vehicles

Most people know that carpet cleaning inside their homes will require daily vacuuming of the loose debris, and periodical steam cleaning to get the dirt that has worked deep down in the fibers of the rug. A lot of people have vehicles that have carpet on their floorboards, and even boats with carpet. How do people keep these carpeted surfaces looking, and smelling fresh?

Damages Possible From Excessive Carpet Cleaning

We all want our homes and offices to look their best, and smell their best. We use disinfectants throughout the house to kill the bacteria on surfaces. We sweep and mop floors with disinfectant cleansers and we shampoo our carpets as frequently as we can to keep them pristine. The problem with excessive carpet cleaning is that we may be doing more damage than good.

Tips for Carpet Cleaning Using a Steam Cleaner

Carpet cleaning is the only drawback to having wall to wall carpeting in your home. With hardwood floors and tiles floors you simply sweep and mop them, but carpet cleaning requires you to have a machine to vacuum the loose debris from the carpet fibers. The next stage of carpet cleaning is the spot cleaning you will need to do in order to remove stains, and spills from the rug. The last stage of carpet cleaning requires you to either purchase, or rent a steam cleaning machine to deep clean the carpet fibers.

Explore Tile Cleaning to Revamp Your Dated Kitchen or Bathroom

If your kitchen or bathroom looks boring and dated, then tile cleaning may be just what you need to spruce things up. Learn how this simple tactic can make a huge difference.

Essentials Of Bathroom Asbestos Removal

The work begins, with adequate safety measures in place like temporarily evacuating residents, closing off the area and covering the bathroom area in plastic sheets or films, workers having respirators in excellent working condition and protective overalls. If present, duct vents must also be blocked so any fibers do not float away. The wet or dry method of removal must be used depending on the viability of either of them.

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