NEW CMS HQ HOUSE TOUR + Q&A with Melissa Maker!

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Our last Honey-Do List video ( left everyone wondering why we sold our house. Where are we moving? What’s next for us? Well, in this video, we’re going to answer all of those pressing questions, and take you on a complete house tour of the new CMS HQ!

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Carpet Cleaning: Why Specialist Cleaning Is Better Than DIY Techniques

When the carpet starts to look all grungy with unattractive spots and stains, self-carpet cleaning could become tempting. Not only could the unattractive carpet change the home’s appearance, but it could also change the atmosphere as well. Thus, while there’s always the option of do-it-yourself carpet cleaning, this choice might not always be the perfect option. This is because the advantages to be gained from booking a reliable carpet cleaning company far outweigh the cons offered by the alternative as outlined below.

Do You Have Mold in Your House?

Identifying if you have mold in your home is essential to keeping it mold free. But how can you determine mold growth especially if it is occurring in unseen places?

Five Principal Goals of Domestic Cleaners

Several professional cleaners can be costly, but the prices are worthwhile since they can do what others cannot do. It’s essential, however, to “fully” clean any building in order to stop people from getting sick because of scattered germs and allergens. Above all, an unprofessional cleaner doesn’t really know how to sanitize and clean locations well. If the space to be cleaned is small or the other way around, Domestic Cleaners can be great for any business.

How to Keep the Carpet Dirt Free With Tips From Expert Carpet Cleaners

A carpet is an amazing flooring material because it improves the elegance of the house. Though, spills can leave stains and daily traffic ultimately takes its toll. Below are some tips from expert carpet cleaners on how to keep the carpet clean.

Tips on Selecting Carpet Cleaners for Your House or Business

When you have a property or a business that has carpets on the inside, you might want to ensure that you keep them clean. You have to keep your carpets nice and clean so that they can last for longer. If you clean your rugs regularly, the fibers will not break and the amount of harmful bacteria and contaminants is going to be significantly reduced.

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