My Favorite Cleaning Products On Amazon (All Under $25)!

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Bottle Brush:
Tub Shroom:
Compost Bin:
Little Dustpan:
Blade Brush:
Steel Wool:
Dish Scraper:
Sweater Stone:
Castile Soap:
Essential Oils:

Videos I Mentioned:

Essential Oils:
Castile Soap:

In this video, Melissa Maker shares a few of her favorite cleaning products from Amazon and all of them are under $25!

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Diwali Home Cleaning Tips

The festival of lights, brightness and happiness is upon us! Go into each corridor and you get a lovely aroma of freshly made sweets, bright coloured paints and crisply ironed clothes. Well, a neat and clean looking home is always welcoming to the Gods during Diwali. So in the midst of reaching out, it is time to get your home organised for the festivities.

The Ultimate Solution for Clean Carpets

It can be time consuming and back breaking work to remove the dirt and grime from your carpets using a traditional machine. The chemicals used for such cleaning can be damaging to the fibers in your carpet. They can also become a magnet for future dirt too if you don’t remove all of the residue from your carpets.

Change The Way Your Clean Your Carpeting

Most of us put off cleaning our carpets due to the expense and the process. You don’t have to pay an expensive provider to do the work for you. Renting a machine you have to load up and take home can be a chore. Then you have to invest hours of your time to get the job done. Then you have to take the rental back to the store.

4 Easiest Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home

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All About Robot Vacuum Cleaners

A robot vacuum cleaner is an artificially intelligent unit that automatically cleans your house. The unit comes programmed to work by itself to give your house a clean look. Who needs the vacuum cleaner? The unit is ideal for different types of people. If you have a physical disability this unit is ideal for you. Since it doesn’t require a lot of your involvement, it’s able to get rid of dust and dirt thus keeping your house clean.

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