My 5 Best Cleaning Tips! ( Do It On A Dime & Clutterbug Collab )

Maker’s Cleaning Cloths:
I’m really excited to do a collab with two of my YouTube friends:
Kathryn from Do It On A Dime and Cas from Clutterbug!

We are each sharing 5 of our ‘tried, tested and true’ cleaning tips so be sure to check out their videos:

Kathryn (Do It On A DIme):
My 5 Best $1 Cleaning Tips:

Cas (Clutterbug):
My 5 Best Cleaning Tips:


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Here are Melissa’s Best Cleaning Tips:

All Purpose Cleaner: This simple and effective cleaner is tough enough to handle most dirty jobs, yet safe enough to use on almost all surfaces in your home.

S-Patterm: This is the most effective technique I can think of when it comes to wiping surfaces clean, without leaving residue behind.

Cleaning Toothbrush: I’ve talked about how handy an old toothbrush can be while cleaning for years now – once you start using them, you’ll never stop.

Toilet Brush Brush Hang: This cleaning tip never fails to impress – and it’s so easy to do – and it avoids getting disgusting toilet bacteria spread into other areas of your bathroom.

Room Deodorizer: Such a simple recipe and such a big difference in virtually any room in your house – just leave this deodorizer in your room and enjoy a pleasant smell for hours.

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