LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER (The Honey-Do List Ep. 2)

It’s time once again for another HONEY-DO LIST video and this time Chad is tackling the LIVING ROOM / FAMILY ROOM and doing a complete makeover AND putting up Christmas / Holiday decorations!

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What Makeover / Renovation Should We Do Next?

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The Hidden Dangers In Your Office Which Can Be Stopped By Great Office Cleaning

It is very surprising how many health and safety dangers there actually are in an office that hasn’t been cleaned properly. If you are not careful these health and safety dangers can actually cause serious illness or injury to the people who work in or visit your office. In order to take care of these problems you are advised to encourage your staff to keep their work areas clean and tidy as well as employing a professional office cleaning company to tidy up on a regular basis.

Why Commercial Cleaning Is Different From Domestic Cleaning

Some business owners think that commercial cleaning is just the same as domestic cleaning. We all keep our own homes clean, so why shouldn’t we all work together to make sure that our offices or workplaces are clean too, right? Wrong. Commercial cleaning is actually very different to keeping your own home clean, and therefore the main burden of responsibility should not fall on the full time staff at your business, unless they have been contracted to do this. There are many reasons why cleaning a commercial space is very different to cleaning at your home.

What Could Happen If You Don’t Have Commercial Cleaning

As a business owner, it is important that you invest in proper cleaning for your workplace. Whether you hire your own cleaners or whether you hire in a team of commercial cleaners it is important that they understand every aspect of commercial cleaning. Without proper commercial cleaning, you could actually find that you are beginning to suffer a lot of negative consequences. Here are just a few of the things that could happen to you if their skills just don’t meet the grade.

Should You Buy Your Own Commercial Cleaning Equipment?

As a small business owner it is important that you take as many steps as possible to keep your workplace clean. Failure to keep your workplace clean can lower productivity, it can make your company look less professional and it can lead to litigation against your company. As part of your drive to keep the office clean, you may consider purchasing commercial cleaning equipment. However some people believe that this is not the best choice for a small business owner and here is why.

The Hidden Benefits Of Hiring In A Janitorial Services Company

If you are considering contracting out some of your janitorial services, you may already be aware of the most obvious benefits, (namely a cost effective service which achieves top level results), but you may not have thought about some of the hidden benefits which you may actually receive. By taking additional steps to ensure the working environment is clean, clear and safe to work in, you are likely to improve the health and morale of your staff. Research has shown that improving the working environment is likely to make people feel more positive, and that they are more likely to work together properly for the benefit of the whole team if they are in this mental state.

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