How to Clean Everything in your Bathroom!

Maker’s Cloths Are BACK IN STOCK!!!

Cleaning the bathroom can intimidating (and very gross), we know this because we get messages every day with cleaning questions about toilets, bathtubs, showers, tiles, sinks, mirrors and everything else that gets messy in the bathroom.

In this video, Cleaning Expert Melissa Maker shares a bunch of helpful #Bathroom #Cleaning tips, tricks and hacks and shows you how professional cleaners tackle messy bathrooms. Need a little #CleaningMotivation? We got you CMS Nation 🙂

0:58 – Declutter
1:25 – Toilet
3:46 – Tiles & Glass (and Grout)
4:32 – Glass Shower Doors
5:01 – Bathtub
6:21 – Mirrors, Sinks & Counters
8:01 – Floors
8:30 – Baseboards

DIY Tile & Tub Cleaner:

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