How I Became My Own Boss! (Entrepreneurship & Business Advice)

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I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, even from a young age when I set up my room as a makeshift store and sold items to my stuffed animals. However, despite running a cleaning company since 2006, I haven’t talked about my journey as an entrepreneur on this channel. So today I want to share with you the story of how I started my very first business in 2006 – and how you can do the same this year.

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Do you want to be your own boss? Interested in becoming an entrepreneur? This is the year to turn your dream into a reality!


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Should You Hire Professional Cleaners or Clean the Property on Your Own?

Cleanliness is an important issue in striking an excellent first impression for guests and other visitors. A good first impression plays a key role to other people making snap judgements. Also, a clean property is hygienic to the occupants, great to stay in, secure and generally healthy to live in. Staying in a clean home improves state of mind, increases joy and improves the general wellbeing of family members.

What Cleaning Services Should You Choose?

Cleaning of a residential or a commercial property is important to every individual. There are various firms offering cleaning services in places all around the world. If you live in a big city, there are many agencies that supply these services.

Getting Stains Out of Carpet

The first, and important, thing to do regardless of what caused the stain is blot up as much of what was spilled as quickly as possible. Make sure that you blot and not wipe because wiping it will spread the stain and possibly make it go deeper into your carpet, making it harder to get out. The next step is to treat the carpet stain using a cleaner that is appropriate for substance that caused the discoloration and carpet fibers.

A Few Tips for Cleaning Windows

If you asked random people what their least favorite household chore most would say window cleaning. It seems like it is a job that most everyone tries to put off doing until the last minute. Cleaning windows seems to take great perseverance to accomplish but cleaning windows is really that tough of a job. Many people use window cleaner to spray on the windows and then wipes it off with paper towels.

How to Clean Blinds? Let Us Count the Ways

Cleaning blinds need not require a professional. Follow the steps in this article for a carefree experience in cleaning your window treatments at home.

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