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Everyone in the world is eligible to receive 11 cleaning tips and hacks that didn’t make it into the book. I swept them off the cutting room floor and assembled them just for you. They’re amazing tips, but honestly, if I wrote as much as I wanted to the book would be 1300 pages. 


($375 USD VALUE)

Next up, for anyone in the US and Canada (excluding Quebec) I’ve got three HUGE cleaning gift baskets to give away. Its got TONS of cleaning swag including several products and tools I talk about in the book. It’s probably going to keep you cleaning for a year!

I’ve got 3 of them, valued at $375 USD each. Here’s what’s in each basket: 

NOW Foods essential oils: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Orange, Lemon, Tea Tree, White Thyme.
Method: all-purpose cleaner and dish soap
Biokleen: Bac-Out, all-purpose cleaner, Oxygen Bleach Plus
Bar Keepers Friend: Cleanser and polish, soft cleanser, MORE spray & foam, Cookware cleanser and polish, Cooktop cleaner
Casabella: nesting storage caddy, WaterBlock gloves
Cascade: dishwasher action pacs
Mr. Clean: Magic Erasers
SKrAPr: 2 – SKrAPr 2 packs, 1 – SPrEADr 3 packs, 2 – SKrAPr Jr single, 1 – BrUSHr 2 packs
Reliable: Pronto 100 CH steamer
Neatfreak: Laundry Hamper with Removeable Bag, Deluxe laundry triple sorter with Everfresh, lingerie wash bags

And huge, special thanks to all of the wonderful companies who helped  this WONDERFUL cleaning basket together!

3x 30-Minute Skype Calls

Choose The Best Carpet Cleaner Rental Equipment

You want to take action against tough stains and decide to employ carpet cleaner rental equipment. That is a great choice, and to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck, you need to keep a few details in mind. Continue reading for some advice on what to look for in high-quality carpet cleaner rental equipment.

Causes and Solutions For Carpet Color Fading

When you clean your carpets, you may also be pouring chemicals on it that could lead to color fading. You need to know how to go about your carpeting cleaning without contributing to color loss in your flooring. With the right knowledge, you can avoid this pesky problem.

Carpet Cleaning Tackles Airborne Particles

Keeping your carpets clean can sometimes seem like a never-ending task. It almost feels as if everyone is against your determination to keep things neat and tidy! Add to this soil filtration, and you may get to thinking that your flooring will never be clean! Read on to combat soil filtration.

Annihilate Ink Stains On Your Carpet

We all know the usual suspects when it comes to stains on your carpet. There is dirt and grime, grass and soil, and food and drink. However, a common household item may also be hurting the appearance of your lovely carpet. Ink stains are quite common in households, and they are not an easy spot to remove. Even so, this article will provide some assistance in removing ink from carpets.

Goodbye To Gum Stains In Carpets

Forget gum in your hair, having gum stains in your carpet, whether new or old, is a hassle. With the many colors of gum, as well as the hindrance it causes to others in the house, gum stains can be horrible, and a conundrum for your usual carpet cleaning methods. Rather than continue to step in that sticky spot on your floor, try using the techniques outlined in this article and say goodbye to gum stains in your carpet.

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