DIY Poo Spray! (Clean My Space)

Makers Cleaning Cloths:

No need to purchase Poo Pourri when you can make a DIY Poo Spray on the cheap with stuff you probably have at home! Avoid embarrassing toilet time situations with this handy poo poo spray that eliminates odors and allows you to eliminate them with peace of mind!

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Barkeepers Friend:
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Tide Free & Gentle Detergent:
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Cascade Dishwasher Detergent:
Oxo Squeegee:

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How To Choose a Professional Cleaning Service

If you have made the decision to go for a professional cleaning service then surely you have realized the many benefits that using a professional cleaning service affords you. A professional cleaning service cleans your house or office quickly and easily. Not to mention the fact that they are thorough and efficient.

What You Need To Avoid When Hiring Carpet Rug Cleaners

Sometimes people don’t know how to find professional cleaners so they go online and search for Carpet Rug Cleaners. But, before you start searching for cleaners, there are a few things you need to figure out. The very first thing, you need to determine is how often you require cleaning and that is different for every household. Once you have figured that out you could start searching online.

Few Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Experts

Renting an advanced cleaning machine might help one in getting rid of the dirt and dust particles accumulated in the carpet. However, this is not at all a comprehensive solution. Unclean carpets often contain harmful contaminants, germs, molds and harsh stains which degrade the hygiene level of the carpet to a great extent. The worst part is, getting rid of the harmful substances and disinfecting the carpet with the help of simple cleaning methods is almost impossible. This is exactly where opting for professional cleaning experts, prove sensible enough.

How to Hire a Professional Cleaning Services Company

Who doesn’t love living in a clean house? Except maybe little kids who love to color the walls with their color pencils and throw juices and food on the floor every now and then. Housewives usually have little kids to take care of. Whereas working moms have a full day of office work to look at. Hence keeping the house clean is a tough job for every woman.

The NO 1 Wrinkle Remover (For Your Carpet)

Over time, all carpet fibers relax, resulting in unsightly wrinkles and rolls. Not only does this create a tripping hazard, it’s just plain ugly. You can be your own best “wrinkle remover” with a few specialized tools in about a day.

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