DIY Miracle Cleaner for the Kitchen! #shorts

Cleaning expert Melissa Maker shares the recipe for her tried and tested all-purpose cleaner! This DIY miracle cleaner can tackle the majority of the messes in your kitchen and save you money!

You only need three things:
– water
– dish soap
– essential oils (your choice!)

Add all of this to a spray bottle, grab a @Maker’s Clean microfiber cloth and you’re off to the races!

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Flood Safety Tips and Precautions

Weather forecasts usually warn people about inclement weather conditions in advance, but many times floods arrive suddenly, as residents of Burlington found out the hard way. Taking some preventive measures before, during, and after a flood can help you minimize any losses. Let’s take a look at a few flood safety tips that can be beneficial to you.

Why Organic Cleaning Supplies?

Everyday tasks in today’s world have taken a backseat, thanks to both partners working. So when it comes to mundane tasks like cleaning, it is quite obvious that everyone would prefer the easy way out. Picking up washing products that are widely advertised and promise to make everything spic and span in a matter of few minutes without much effort is not the best solution.

Special Service Requests on End of Lease Cleaning

End-of-lease cleaning is not an easy task to be done. It requires the help of professionals. They are the only one who knows to handle the problems of people moving out. They are trained for this purpose.

How Professionals Polish Ceramic Floor

There are times when your ceramic tile floor may start to appear dull. This can happen occasionally even when you are following all of the proper cleaning procedures. Periodic scrubbing, cleaning and polishing are important aspects of restoring the beauty of your tile. Here is a look at the polishing procedures that professionals follow to improve the appearance of your flooring.

Dirty Upholstery Doesn’t Just Shorten Its Lifespan

Upholstery looks beautiful when it’s clean and it entices people to sit on it or admire it from across the room. It has a glow and it makes the rest of the room look good along with it. Don’t forget to professionally clean your upholstery along with vacuuming regularly to keep dirt out.

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