DIY CLEANERS: My NEW Cleaning Kit! (Baking Soda, Vinegar, Essential Oils, Castile Soap & More!)

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It’s time for a new cleaning kit for our new home and because Melissa Maker is the Queen of DIY Cleaners, we thought we would make a video sharing all her favorite cleaning products! These all natural cleaning recipes utilize many non-toxic ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar (and cleaning vinegar), hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, castile soap, essential oils, dish soap and of course – microfibre cloths (Maker’s microfibre cloths to be exact:

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Awesome Advantages of Using Professional Cleaners

Typically, all sorts of buildings from houses to offices or hospitals require comprehensive cleaning. A clean building gives visitors the best first impression and says a lot about the character of the occupant. This isn’t only fantastic for the appearance but for health and hygiene reasons. Professional cleaners can ensure that the building is attractive and clean. This is why it’s extremely advantageous to employ them. But what are a few of the advantages of using these kind of cleaners?

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