Daily Cleaning Routine | Habits For A Cleaner Home

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Spring Cleaning 2021 is upon us and we here at Clean My Space are SO READY! Join cleaning expert Melissa Maker as she shares some insight into putting together a daily cleaning routine and some habits for a cleaner home! #SpringCleaning #SpringCleaning2021 #CleaningRoutine

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0:00 – Introduction
1:33 – Establish Your Baseline (Step 1)
2:16 – Establish MIAs (Step 2)
3:05 – Cleanliness vs Tidiness (Step 3)
4:12 – Lifestyle Factors (Step 4)
5:48 – Habit 1: Hand Full
6:46 – Habit 2: Deal with the Dishes
7:03 – Habit 3: Clothing & Laundry
8:22 – Habit 4: Clean As You Go
9:08 – Hallmark 1: Check Your Sink
9:49 – Hallmark 2: Check High Traffic Areas
10:26 – Hallmark 3: The Floordrobe
10:59 – Hallmark 4: Check Your Busiest Room

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