Cut the Clutter | 10 Things to Toss Today! (Ep. 10)

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Holy Moly – it’s the 10th episode of 10 Things To Toss! To celebrate, we are sharing 10 things that we are decluttering from the CMS HQ. Need a little cleaning motivation? Melissa Maker is here to help!
Is it time to cut the clutter in your home? Learn how to declutter and move on from some of the stuff you no longer need in your life!

COMMENT QUESTION: What is that one thing you just can’t seem to get rid of?

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Drafting a Janitorial Service Contract

It is mandatory in many states that the employer provide their employees a hygienic environment in which to work but this is a challenging task for a business to do without outside help. This help would come from professional janitorial services. These services are usually hired on a contract basis and their services are in high demand. Before the janitorial service company can begin to keep the workplace clean, they will make a contract and send it to the potential business to sign if they agree with the conditions and terms.

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