Clean With Me: Living Room & Dining Room! (Express Clean)

Sometimes we just don’t have enough time (or patience) to get a deep cleaning routine in for a particular room in the house. This is when my Express Clean method comes in really handy! In this video, I’m going to speed clean my living room and dining room, so follow along and clean with me!

DIY Hardwood Floor Cleaner:
Little Dustpan and Brush Set:

COMMENT QUESTION: How often do you deep clean your living room and dining room?

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Express Clean: Living Room & Dining Room! (Clean With Me)


Clean My Space:


Maker’s Microfibre Cloths:
Melissa’s Channel:
Chad’s Channel:


Vacuum Dyson V6 Absolute:
Cleaning Caddy:
Essential Oils:
Barkeepers Friend:
Spray Bottles:
Tide Free & Gentle Detergent:
Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap:
Cascade Dishwasher Detergent:
Oxo Squeegee:

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Why You Should Not Ask Your Office Staff To Do Office Cleaning

If you are trying to cut costs in your office, then you may be tempted to ask your office staff to do the bulk of your cleaning. However this may not be the best way to actually cut your costs, and it could impact on other areas of your service. Here are just a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t just rely on your staff to do all of your office cleaning.

A Brief Look At The History And Future Of Janitorial Services

Small janitorial services companies have existed for a long time, but the industry is now beginning to grow and expand for a number of different reasons. Even though they are often forgotten, a janitor role is one of the most important roles in the whole country.

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There are loads of benefits of hiring a janitorial services company to work in conjunction with your staff, but you may not have thought about how janitorial services companies can actually help you to improve your customer services standards. Improving these standards can help to improve your business and drive up customer satisfaction, which can in turn help to maximise profits.

Choosing Between Buying Or Hiring Janitorial Supplies, Or Calling In Janitorial Services

When you start a new office-based company, you have to decide on the best way to keep your office space clean. There are three main choices that company owners have to make: buying in janitorial supplies, hiring equipment for your in-house staff to use, or contacting a janitorial services company. Each of these methods has its own pros and cons, and what is right for one company may not be right for others. Here is some more information to help you to decide.

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