CLEAN WITH ME 2019 | Cleaning Challenge! (Husband vs Wife)

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Welcome to the first installment of Husband VS Wife: Cleaning Challenge! In this episode, world-renowned cleaning expert Melissa Maker takes on her husband, Chad Reynolds, in an epic kitchen cleaning challenge.

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How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take? A Guide For Customers

Carpet Cleaning is not a simple service that has a specific time frame. Unlike other services, carpet cleaning depends on several factors like the carpet cleaner, size of the area to be cleaned, the condition of the carpets, and even the weather. If you’re not sure how long it will take, the best thing is to ask the cleaning services about how long it will take to clean your home. They will be able to give you an estimate of time, as well as an estimate of price. Some of them even provide a free onsite estimate – free of charge.

The Best Ways To Prevent Insects From Damaging Your Carpets

Insects are one of the major enemies of your expensive rugs and carpets. You can remove dust, grime, and allergens from the carpet by cleaning it at home, but it’s really difficult to remove insects – their eggs and larvae from the carpet. You must call professional help for perfect carpet cleaning.

Professional House Cleaning – On the Seats, Clean and Done

Even for the mature housewife, it is sometimes a temporary balancing act, to handle all the cleaning chores of their home. House management for a mid sized house is not an easy job these days. The polluted air wreaks havoc on the beauty of your house and it becomes harder to clean it alone.

Have an Ant Problem? No Problem!

We often face the problem where the tiny worker insects invade our homes. After they invade our homes we struggle to get rid of them. Luckily there is always an easy way to do anything.

Get to Know the Easiest Way to Clean the Dirt From the Floor

Floor cleaning is a challenging task and it is basically done with the help of the professionals. However, with the introduction of the hot pressure washers, it has become convenient for the homeowners to clean their room by themselves.

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