Are You Washing Your Hands Properly?

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Is there a right way to wash your hands? Melissa reviews hand washing tips based on the current recommendations from the CDC. She also shares a DIY foaming hand soap recipe!

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Use These Deep Cleaning Methods For Your Carpet

The reason why homeowners spend so much effort and money on keeping their carpets clean and well maintained is because they are a huge investment in their homes. One other reason is that overtime carpets and rugs begin to lose their color and beauty which is why they prefer to hire professional carpet cleaning services.

Toxic Mold Remediation Company Tricks to Avoid

Although there are reputable companies that specialize in mold cleaning and remediation, there are also those that use the fear of toxic mold contamination as a way to perpetrate scams. Here are some common signs of a possible mold remediation scam and tips on how to avoid them.

Four Things You Will Enjoy After a Professional Window Cleaning

When cleaning your own windows is not a option. If you don’t have the time to complete this task then hiring a professional window cleaning company to complete this task can add many benefits of which you will enjoy.

Cleaning Your White Marble Flooring

This exquisite material will need regular maintenance and care to keep that gleaming rich texture that you get from marble flooring. Because it is white marble, you will need to be careful when exposing it to regular use. The reason is that when you get dirt and stains on it cleaning them from the surface of your marble flooring can be difficult. To make it easier to clean you need to know the different techniques you can use at home to help the original texture lasting longer and stain free. One thing to remember is that marble is a porous material.

What Should You Do When Working With a House Cleaning Company?

After the research of selecting a right cleaning company, you may think your job is about to end. It is actually not. Before the cleaners step their feet at your front door, it is good for you to learn 5 important things you should consider when working with a house cleaning company.

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