6 Habits To Reduce Waste & Save Money!

We have been long-time advocates for waste reduction here at Clean My Space and while the past year has certainly strained our focus on this topic, we think Earth Day is a perfect time to talk about reducing the waste in our homes and saving money along the way! #EarthDay #WasteReduction #TruEarth

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0:00 – Introduction
0:47 – Replace Disposables
2:22 – Composting
3:07 – Reduce Packaging
5:02 – First In, First Out
6:23 – Upcycling
8:49 – Plastic Bag Alternatives

Comment Question: What waste reduction habit can you start today?

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Questions to Ask a Cleaning Company Before Hiring

If you are thinking of hiring a housemaid for the first time to clean your house, then it is influential on your part to do your homework first to locate a company, which could work as per your specifications and preferences. Here are some questions to ask while interviewing a cleaning service expert.

Effectively Cleaning Up Spilled Cereal on the Rug

Breakfast in any household just is not complete without having some cereal. Pouring your favorite cereal in a bowl and filling it up with fresh milk is certainly one routine which I do not get tired of. There are just so many different kinds of cereals available and surely there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Tips in Removing Hazelnut Spread Stains on the Carpet

Hazelnut is certainly one of the more popular kinds of spreads that people enjoy. It is really rich in flavor and will surely give anyone who eats it a big smile. It is just delicious and tasty on bread and other pastries that it has become one of the favorites of countless people.

Cleaning Up Tuna Salad Spills on the Carpet

Many people want to eat healthy nowadays and this approach is certainly something that more and more individuals should look to try. Eating the right foods is always important to stay fit and one of the types of food that you should look to eat more of is fish. Tuna is one of the more popular kinds of fish that people love to eat.

Commercial Cleaning During Daylight Hours

Traditionally, cleaning operations have been done during the hours of darkness. Everyone knew that someone must be responsible for cleaning their communal areas or working environments, but these cleaners were rarely seen and rarely talked about. They were out of sight and often out of mind.

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