15 Brilliant Uses For OxiClean! 🙌 Cleaning Tips & DIY Recipes!

You guys know that I’ve been a huge fan of OxiClean since we started making videos here at Clean My Space. We’ve been using it to remove stains and boost our laundry routine for years, however, did you know that there are a ton of uses for OxiClean besides just laundry? In this video, I’m going to share with you 15 great uses for OxiClean outside of the laundry room.

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Skip to the OxiClean VSR cleaning hack you need:

1:49 – Greasy Filters
2:34 – Running Shoes
3:10 – Upholstery Stains
3:33 – Toilet, Tub & Tiles
4:34 – Shower Liner
5:11 – Kitchen Tile Grout
5:34 – Kids’ Toys
6:13 – Pet Stains & Odors
6:37 – Organic & Recycling Bins
7:17 – Deck & Patio
8:00 – Baby Carrier
8:30 – Bathroom Sink
9:06 – Carpet Stains

How to use OxiClean all around the home:

Oxygen Bleach is more than just a great stain remover – take a step outside of the laundry room with Melissa Maker and learn about some brilliant uses for Oxiclean!

Yes, this is a sponsored video – special thanks to OxiClean for helping support our channel 🙂

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