11 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing!

In this video, cleaning expert Melissa Maker covers 11 ways that you can make your home smell fresh and clean using cheap (and sometimes free) solutions , conquer the smelliest areas of your home. Wondering how to make your house smell good? We’ve got you covered with some natural cleaning home hacks! #NaturalCleaning #HomeFragrance #CleanMySpace

01:04 – Track Down The Source
01:48 – Use The Right Product
03:54 – Zeolite
04:53 – Let It Breathe
05:18 – Flower Power
06:07 – Car Odor Hack
07:01 – Stovetop Simmer
08:25 – Stay On Top
09:49 – Cardboard Roll Hack
10:11 – Air Purification
11:27 – When All Else Fails…

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