10 Things to Toss Today! (Ep. 1)

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Sometimes when it comes to decluttering the biggest problem we face is not knowing where (or even how) to start. With this in mind, here are 10 things you might have cluttering your home unnecessarily that you can part with today!



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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services: The Benefits

It is not difficult to clean and wash a dirty carpet or rug, but homeowners prefer to hire professional cleaning services to do the job for them because of certain advantages, such as of convenience, much more effective results and reduced chances of damage. Professional cleaning services is the best thing that has happened to homeowners, without a question.

Popular Cleaning Myths Debunked

For a safe and healthy home environment, it’s necessary to properly clean the furnishings in the house to remove all contaminants, bacteria and dirt so that the very air you breathe is safe. Homeowners attempt their own DIY cleaning solutions, which may work for some stains but not the stubborn ones therefore the best and safest plan action is to hire a cleaning service.

Pet Accidents – Removing Stains And Odors From Carpets

Owners of pets are used to the fact that it doesn’t matter what they do or don’t, the poor carpet in the living room will always be the victim of an accident, and that is not even the worst part. Majority of times, you will know about it after the evidence has long been dried, and been permanently stained. What can owners possibly do?

Natural Products for Eco Friendly Cleaning

Professional cleaning services are concerned with providing such solutions that are green in nature, and wouldn’t harm the environment. The cleaning solutions do not contain any toxic elements and other chemical, which means they are perfectly safe for pets, children, and plants. These cleaning companies not only use eco-friendly solutions but also methods that produce the best results, in a minimal effort and energy. Homeowners can make their own green cleaning products too, for maintaining the work done by the professional service.

Most of the Carpet Cleaning Myths Are False

There have always been myths and untruths associated with carpet cleaning, most being true, while others not so much. As a result of this misconception, homeowners stopped hiring services of professional cleaners for their carpets, floors and leather upholstery and have started using household remedies which while alright for short term maintenance, is not ideal in the long run.

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