10 Amazing Rubbing Alcohol Hacks! (Clean My Space)

Rubbing alcohol is famous for killing bacteria, but did you know that there are many cleaning uses and #hacks for isopropyl alcohol outside of the first aid kit? From being a great #DIY degreaser to #cleaning your eyeglasses and getting rid of shoe stank!

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In this video, Melissa Maker shares 10 Amazing Uses for Rubbing Alcohol:

0:00 – Introduction
0:17 – The Basics of Rubbing Alcohol
1:10 – Clean Stainless Steel
1:40 – Electronics Cleaner
2:31 – Shapeable Ice Pack
3:18 – Jewelry Cleaner
4:32 – Clean Permanent Marker Stains
5:58 – Glass & Mirror Gunk Cleaner
7:07 – Get Rid of Shoe Stank
7:48 – Eyeglasses Cleaner
8:21 – DIY Degreaser
9:01 – Sink Polish

Comment Question: What do you do to avoid touching a germ-y surfaces?

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